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Miss Booth with some Chocolate Labradors and a Black Labradors

After a number of years with horses I decided to purchase a Labrador, this was some 43 years ago and with the help of Mr. Oldfield of the Hindlehurst affix, I mated my first bitch to Glenharvey Balbriggan and so Stormley Labradors came into being, Storm because the dog I kept from the first litter was born in a snowstorm, and Ley the last three letters of the town where I lived.

For a number of years I was Practice Manager for a Veterinary Hospital and so gained a considerable knowledge in animal welfare.

I breed Yellow, Black and Chocolate Labradors, but concentrated recently on the Chocolates and Stormley Labradors are well known for the lovely dark Chocolates.  This is due to having black in the mating, this is important to keep the dark eyes and coat.

I have many dogs abroad some are Champions, and have produced Champions.  As an International Championship Judge, I have been fortunate to have judged in many Countries and at World Shows.

04/05/05 Although I have awarded Challenge Certificates both in this country and overseas, I am now officially on the A1 Judges List for Labradors and the B List for Golden Retrievers.

early november
Posted By: marjorie on 12-10-15 at 12:33pm

NEWS: Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd
. I use Crossgates for homeopathic supplies just ring them and explain problem for either dogs cats birds or humans they are very helpful and much cheaper than the Vets
They also do a test on hair for both animals and humans
Their new address is Langcliffe Road, Settle, North Yorkshire BD24 9JT
phone no. 01756 824501 Settle office
01756 748881 retail shop

on line shop can strongly recommend them
Posted By: marjorie on 09-05-14 at 11:49am

NEWS: Silver Gray Champagne dogs
. A gentleman rang me on Monday 17th Feb 2014 who had been to see a litter of these so called Champagne coloured puppies only for curiosity purposes and was appalled at the sight of them
He has a chocolate Labrador and a weimaraner and could see the resemblance in the two having been mated together
At present there is a case ongoing with the breeders of these mongrels and a solicitor regarding the registration of the puppies regarding the colour registered so wait and see with interested for the result
The Labrador people all over the world are up in arms against the breeders of these mongrels called Labradors
If anyone sees adverts for either Silver Gray or Champagne send n e-mail to the owners of the site and inform then there is no such colour and tell them to check colours with the Kennel Club this is the only way we can stop the breed being ruined WE MUST STOP THIS BEFORE IT GOES TOO FAR AND RUINS THE BREED AS ONCE IT GETS INTO THE LINES WE CANNOT GET RID OF IT SO BEFORE YOU MATE A BITCH CHECK VERY CAREFULLY THE LINES
Posted By: marjorie on 18-02-14 at 11:39am

. Now this is a serious warning regarding buying puppioes on line
A puppy had to be put to sleep due to a rabies alert in Keighley West Yorkshire
The young Shih Tzu had been illegally imported in to the UK the vet concerned said the puppy had been bought in good faith by the Keighley family who had travelled to Cambridgeshire to collect it after seeing an advert
When the puppy was taken for a vet check up a potential rabies risk was spotted the animal had been born in Lithuania and brought into this Country under a false passport without a proper vaccination. Rabies can kill people as well as other animals
There is a great risk when animals are smuggled into this Country
It is strongly advised anyone thinking of getting a puppy to ask to see the rest of the litter and the puppies mother and make sure the Puppy has been bred in this Country PLEASE DO NOT BUY IF UNSURE AND TAKE HEED OF THIS SERIOUS WARNING
Posted By: marjorie on 06-02-14 at 14:50pm

NEWS: Champagne Coloured Labrador puppies
. Here is the latest brainwave of some idiot and anyone who buys one at the price of 1000 to 1500 is as stupid as they come

THERE IS NO SUCH COLOUR AS CHAMPAGNE GRAY OR SILVER they are the brainchild of an idiot who is ruining the pure bred Labrador they are mongrels
See my previous notes on Greys and silver breeding
If you do not use a dominant colour gene i.e. Black you will get the yellow lighter and lighter and then these idiots call them any colour they can think of they will have pink nose and pink
tummy which should be black they will have a light either yellow or blue eye this should be very dark brown or black
So you can see what a mess they are making for others to correct if possible
If you want a good Labrador please go to a good recognized breeder and ring us and ask
Posted By: marjorie on 01-01-14 at 12:16pm

. Many people are buying puppies on line or having them delivered to their door or meeting in a car park
There are many puppies being brought into the UK underage which means they have NOT had the injections and vet checks required and you will end up either paying your vet lots of money or quarantine kennels or in some cases the puppy having to be put to sleep
You must buy from a breeder and see the mother to the puppies you must obtain a Kennel Club pedigree to make sure the puppy is from Kennel Club registered breeder the parents much have a current eye certificate and the parents must have a very low hip score (if you are in doubt feel free to give me a ring and ask what is right ) do not be taken in by these unscrupulous breeders from abroad and puppy farms they might not cost as much as a true pedigree puppy with all the papers but at least you can contact the breeder and the K C
Remember the dog is for live so start off with the best you can get not the cheapest you would not buy a car without an MOT.
Posted By: marjorie on 14-11-13 at 16:49pm

. There are many people now breeding silver and gray labradors if you see them advertised be very aware as DNA has show there is a cross with wiemaraners crossed with Chocolates also produce Grays this started in the US many years ago
You will be asked for quite a lot of money for what is really a mongrel
I have had a lot of correspondence from abroad saying this started in the UK I can assure you it did not we pride ourselves on breeding pure bred Labradors in the UK there are a few who breed these cross bred for the money

Posted By: marjorie on 21-09-12 at 16:24pm

. There is an article in todays Sunday People 12/9/10
It warns people about buying puppies which are born in puppy
farms in Poland,Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania then transported to Ireland and to U K via Northern Ireland then sold for a quick profit
Be very aware of a breeder in Bury Lancs who is breeding puppies who have had to have vets treatment and in some cases have died they at present being investigated be very careful also be very careful when buying puppies from pet shops some are not what the seem
When buying a puppy what ever breed you MUST be very careful
you must insist on seeing the mother and when possible the sire ask what their hip score is they should not be high
approx 10-10 is high enough the higher the score the worse the hips and ask when the eyes were tested which can only be done by specialist vets
The lower the price the worse it is it is like buying a car without wheels or an MOT
If in doubt walk away as these people keep in
business with folks buying because they feel sorry do not let your heart rule your head remember a dog is for life
Posted By: marjorie on 12-09-10 at 19:11pm

NEWS: Buying a Puppy with care
. You have probably hear of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeders scheme .
If you ring the K C they will recommend an Accredited Breeder
but I would ask you to be very carefull as not all are what they seem if they do not give you details when you ask re hip scores
and current eye tests do not buy as some could be Puppy Farmer and do not buy from them as it is you who keep them in business
ONLY BUY FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER you may pay more but it can be worth it as a puppy is for life. If indoubt do not hesitate I will help you all I can
When you enquire about a puppy make sure it is K C registered and the parents have had the hips and eye tested when you collect the puppy make sure you receive the KC registration the pedigree worming certificate and ask if it has been micro chipped if not have it done immediately and never arrange to meet the breeder to collect the puppy you must see it with the mother.
I would suggest you go to the web site and see how the puppy farmers keep the breeding bitches and puppies and dont forget it is your money that keeps them in business DO NOT BUY FROM PET SHOPS most or supplied by puppy farmers. If you find a breeder you can always check with me on 01535661975. I hope this helps you to get the right pet what ever breed
Posted By: marjorie on 22-10-08 at 13:33pm

NEWS: Visit by RSPCA re complaint by envious jealous caller.
. On the 31st January 2008 I was visited by the RSPCA after a complaint by a caller stating the following. Breeding all times, kept in kennels in back garden has been happening for many years. I have had one litter in 2 years and my house stands in approx 3/4 acres of land. They said I had 9 dogs colour choc. This is obviously a person who has not visited my property. All 7 dogs, black yellow and chocolate are housed inside at night and puppies. when I have them are in special heated whelping room. Below is the report from the RSPCA inspection.
Person complained of is a top show judge of Labradors and a top breeder of Labradors she has 7 in total all of normal bodily condition kept in excellent conditions,clean, all healthy with lots of room for exercise etc. No breaches at all. Thinks malicious call. Person complained of very upset at our visit.Do not need to attend on any further visits as person complained of is obvious professional in this area . Rosettes all over property photographs etc. Also 2 parrots in excellent condition at the property No concern. Left a message for caller. Complete close.
The original complaint was made on the 13/11/07. I hope the malicous caller is now satisfied after wasting the time and money of a charity the RSPCA and I thank the caller for having my property and dogs visited and the excellent report I have received from the visit. Jealousy and envy can be a very dangerous thing and if the person/persons are in Labradors we certainly dont need such like in the breed.
Thank you for taking time to read the above.
Posted By: marjorie on 01-03-08 at 14:53pm

NEWS: Stormley Karlos
. Stormley Karlos Karlos won many Best of Breeds when showing also Best in Show but has now retire to Stud and is producing quality puppies with super temperaments
Karlos hips score 5-5 current eye certificate and is dark Chocolate
We now have frozen semen from Karlos which has been exported to Australia

Stormley Karlos has now retired from the show ring
Posted By: marjorie on 19-06-06 at 14:54pm

NEWS: Kimvalley Pleased as Punch with Stormley
. Kimvalley Pleased as Punch with Stormley Burnley & District 2005
lst Junior and Reserve Best of Breed
Craven & District 2005
1st Puppy Best Puppy and Reserve Best Puppy in Show
L K A 2005 4th Junior
Doncaster Canine 2005
2nd Junior and Reserve Best of Breed
Harrogate Open Show March 2006
1st Junior Best of Breed
Manchester Championship Show March 2006
4th Junior
Posted By: marjorie on 23-05-06 at 11:48am

NEWS: Stormley Peter
. Stormley Peter Won 1st in Limit Dog at Crufts 2005
We now have frozen semen from Peter
B.O.B. and Group 4 at Colne and Nelson

3rd Limit Dog at Scottish Kennel Club

2nd Limit Dog at Leeds Championship Show

Res Limit Dog at National Gundog Championship Show
4th Limit Blackpool Champ Show
3rd Limit Blackpool Champ Show

Stormley Peter has now retired from the Show Ring

Frozen Semen has been exported to Australia
Posted By: marjorie on 05-04-06 at 17:11pm

NEWS: Kimvalley Party Piece at Stormley
. Best Puppy at Craven

Reserve M.P.B. Scottish Kennel Club

Best Puppy and Best of Breed at Pollard also 4th Best in Group, 2nd Best Puppy in Group and 2nd Puppy Stakes.

Hip Score 4 : 4
Posted By: marjorie on 05-04-06 at 17:11pm

Miss M. B. Booth
176 Hainworth Wood Road
West Yorkshire
BD21 5DF
Telephone/Fax: 01535 661975


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