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Stormley Labradors



The bitch should have her puppies in approximately 63 days, might be a day early or a day late, but she should start to scratch up her bedding 2 days before she is due.  She will also pant a lot and seem unsettled, I suggest you sit with her as she will feel better with someone with her.  Make sure beforehand you have a nice warm and quiet place for her and don't let people keep coming in to see her before or after the puppies are born.  This upsets her and can affect her milk.

Each puppy will be born in a sack followed by an afterbirth, break the sack as soon as the puppy is born, this means the puppy can breathe.  Let the bitch chew the cord then dry the puppy with a clean towel until it cries, then put the puppy to the bitch and let it drink.  Continue until all the puppies are born and the bitch settles down, but remember if in doubt contact your Vet straight away.  If she has a large litter she will need calcium tablets as the puppies drain the calcium from the bitch and it is important you replace it straight away otherwise you can lose your bitch.

When the puppies are about 4 weeks old start to feed them rice pudding, scrambled egg, porridge or milk, but the milk should be special milk for puppies not ordinary milk.  You can now start taking the mother away from her puppies for a short while and the more they feed the longer the time away until at about 5 weeks she no longer needs to feed them.  Don't let people handle the puppies due to infection even the people who want to buy them.  Do not let them handle the puppies until they collect their puppy.  You can Kennel Club register your puppies on the form provided by the Stud Dog owner.  Select names and send the form with the fee to The Kennel Club address on the form.  The puppies can go to the new owners at 7 or 8 weeks of age, so you should worm the puppies at about 5 weeks and then 6 weeks of age.  You can get the worm dose from the Vet.  When the puppy leaves you it should have been fed on a complete food and make sure the new owner knows what you are feeding the puppy, also send some food home with the puppy and instructions on how it has been fed.

Also with the puppy give the registration document signed and dated by you, also the pedigree and insurance.

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